Investing: Investing Philosophy

Brevet believes that a consistent approach is the foundation of investing.

We follow a consistent and disciplined investment approach — one that has helped us create value for a diverse group of companies.

Brevet follows a rigorous investment philosophy rooted in generating significant upside potential while also mitigating principal loss. Brevet combines the learned knowledge of traditional lending with leading edge structuring technology to create transactions that are both highly customized and yet well-tested. The result is often a win-win solution for all parties involved.

To achieve the level of returns that Brevet targets, Brevet first identifies strong companies with experienced management teams in markets that have solid, long-term prospects. Once a company is identified, Brevet brings its expertise and experience to tackle complex issues that enable it to unlock the value and economics necessary to make the transaction successful for both parties. By providing both capital and a business solution, Brevet achieves its economic goals as a partner instead of solely being a capital provider.