Solutions: Overview

Brevet provides more than money; we are a trusted partner that cares about your success.

Brevet brings a collaborative approach to lending.  Our flexibility allows us to create a solution that addresses a borrower’s needs, and is not a “fit-the-box” response that only satisfies the lender’s requirements.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide breadth of industries and sectors.  With our experience, Brevet has the necessary skills to provide innovative and successful financing solutions across many investment types and opportunities.

Our typical borrower is a middle market private, and occasionally public, company that is not being adequately served by traditional lenders. Brevet’s focus on collateral allows us to provide solutions in situations where traditional lenders do not understand the value of a business or  the opportunity.

We seek transactions of $10 million to $75 million, with the capacity to participate in larger transactions up to $250 million.